The Drooler (Part 1)

English: A "playground" for senior c...

English: A “playground” for senior citizens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve got nothing against senior citizens, honestly. The unfortunate reality is that my libido has sometimes caused me such desperation that I have not been nearly as discriminating as I should be.  And hey with any good fortune, we’re all gonna one day present ID to prove we can get the old folks’ discount; so there’s no reason to turn up the sexual nose at anyone based on age alone.

I won’t lie: I’ve heard rumors about how everything starts to go down after people reach a certain age and what the heck, I even made a few jokes to my ex about his new wife when I heard he’d married someone 12 years his senior.  You know, the digs about her flat titties (although I had certainly never seen her breasts before and do not want to) and about how I bet she can give one heck of a blow job through the field goal which is the gap in her front teeth. I joked that if not, then when she takes those dentures out that she’ll be purchasing in a few years it’ll probably be like heaven for him.  But, again, those were jokes made in good fun, I didn’t mean any harm, did I?

Meanwhile in my experimentation with the gerontologically challenged I can’t say that I’ve been disappointed by unthinkable stuff like saggy, wrinkly skin or half-hard cocks. Oh, thank goodness! I’m guessing that everything has to do with the individual; how well he takes care of himself physically through exercise and diet. Even though I have not discriminated because of age alone, still a person has to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I don’t think anyone will blame me for that. To my credit, I have only ever had sex with one truly hideous-looking person, and yes he was in the senior-citizen age aggregate…but that’s another story.

The one disaster that I had with an old guy was that he couldn’t seem to keep his spit in his mouth. Even thinking of it now makes me want to regurgitate the pancakes I ate for breakfast!

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