The Drooler (Part 2)


drool (Photo credit: VinceFL)

I should have known not to continue once he drooled into my mouth during a long, passionate kiss. He was on top of me bringing the foreplay to a close and getting ready for the big entry. Things were going pretty well and I was admiring his muscle tone his thick hair and his broad shoulders. Oh, and the weight of his body crushing mine. That’s when I felt as much of his spit make its way down my throat as from a full Capri Sun packet! OMG, how horrific.

And it happened so fast that I couldn’t even say or do anything. I just lay there trying to control the gag reflex activated by the lukewarm spit from another human being that had just traveled down my throat.

I didn’t know what on earth had just happened! I mean was this old geezer so excited that he’d totally lost control of all his bodily fluids at once? Like was he suddenly going to pee, poop a loose stool, sweat, cry, and cum on me all at once in addition to this saliva outburst??

Or was it that he’d been concentrating so hard on maintaining control of the other stuff that he forgot about his spit? My beleaguered mind was racing with thoughts. What to do? Should I jump up and call the whole thing off for some bogus reason? Should I confront him about this senseless and inexcusable mishap and demand and explanation or apology or a promise that it would never happen again?

2 thoughts on “The Drooler (Part 2)

  1. All of my different expressions came out of me on this one. Smiling, laughing, frowning, gagging, repeatedly hitting my chair out of pure disgust… I don’t know HOW this woman sat through that.

    • Honey, you are not the only one! When she was telling me this stuff I just shook my head. But you know me, I don’t judge anyone. Everyone has a story and feels that they need to get it out. I just try to be there, you know…

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