The Wayward Butt Bullet (Part 2)

Stag Shop - Mississauga (on Derry Road)

Stag Shop – Mississauga (on Derry Road) (Photo credit: stagshop)

And there he was waiting for me in all his neon blue glory, right behind the monstrous purple cock! “Hello, little friend” I cooed, imagining the delights that would be mine as I ripped open the package that had held him bound. I felt almost giddy at the thought that perhaps this night was not going to be so long and boring after all! Little did I know that he was as eager to get inside me as I was to have him there.  Much less did I expect the humiliating dangers that his foray into my rectum would portend.

I thought that perhaps instead of just sticking the butt-plug in, I would make a night of it. You know, set the mood a little by watching a porn flick and drinking a small glass—okay, two—of red wine. (Don’t even pretend you’ve never been there, because sadly, we all have.) I even went back to the secret hiding place and fished out the monster cock as well, just for good measure. Might as well make the most of this otherwise boring night! I lay out all my supplies on the bed, popped the video in and reclined into a comfy position, ready to be turned on enough to try out my butt-friend.

Instead of being aroused though, I was thrown into something like a mental shock when I understood that the video starred an ugly midget and a white woman. I was outraged and had no one upon whom to take out my rage. How on earth could I have picked out this video??

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