The Wayward Butt-Bullet (Part 4)

The Long and Short of it

The Long and Short of it (Photo credit: Telstar2000)

Well, take it from me: none of those facial expressions is easy to maintain while reading descriptions of porn videos and looking at the tantalizing pictures on the video covers! Your mind is so engaged that you forget what look you’re supposed to have whenever you hear someone’s footsteps approaching. That’s what happened to me that day when I mistakenly picked up the midget video. The hair on my neck hackled, signaling me that something was going on and I was sooo right. There was a dude stalking me.

Yes, I had seen him earlier when I was picking out my new amigo, the butt thing! But I’d seen him in the peripheral way that you see everyone in a joint like that. I looked at the 4 incriminating videos in my hands—no I’d never planned to get all of them, I’d simply picked them out to make my final choice—and thought about the situation. Should I bolt out of the store or should I be certain that this guy was really following me? What to do, what to do? I could leave the videos, but I really did want to try out the funky little electronic butt-toy. I mean he was so…BLUE and glowey!

The stalker made his move. He had a pining, desperate look that was totally unbefitting someone so amazingly gorgeous. “Damn,girl! You fine.” Hmph. I didn’t know what to make of this. Here was a 6 foot tall, curly blond headed, brown-eyed somewhat lanky dude who evidently wanted to be a part of the urban or hip-hop scene. He looked young. Twenty-four, maybe? Inside I rolled my eyes at this kid; he was not in my league.

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