The Wayward Butt-Bullet (Part 6)

Gun-type Nuclear weapon

Gun-type Nuclear weapon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sweat beads had already popped out under my armpits, I could feel it.  And oh how I resented this guy and this store and my stupidity for not simply making some online purchases! I got away from him, but didn’t dare head for the door until I saw him creeping up on some other victim who had his attention for the moment. I considered leaving without buying anything…oh hell no! The toy was a definite must. I sprinted back to where I thought I had left the videos, but keeping a watchful eye out for my stalker. That’s how I mistakenly picked up the midget-flick!!

Anyways, now it was weeks later and I was in another one of those going-without-live-sex slumps and I thought about my purchases lying dormant in their hiding place. And, as I said, just when I had gotten all my supplies laid out and the video in, that’s when the remembrance of the whole disaster came upon me. Good grief! It looked like I was just going to have to replay my own mental videos stored in the hard-drive of my mind…

I pushed the little button that set the little neon toy abuzz. In you go, I thought, and had him safely tucked in without too much effort. Hmph. The pleasure was mediocre at best. Well, my handy dandy fun-for-all super-duper monster cock would be just the ticket. He wouldn’t let me down. And I bet he wouldn’t mind working right along with the butt-buzzer who wouldn’t be a bother to him at all.

Yes, I was right. They made a perfect team and got the job done in record time. So, we were all glad about that. I slid the monster out, telling him thanks, and imagined that the buzzing thing would slide out of the other end just as effortlessly. Man, oh, man wasn’t I in for a nasty surprise!

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