The REAL Reason he liked Anal Sex (part 1)

Anal Sex

Anal Sex (Photo credit: Thomas Leuthard)

I met this really good-looking guy at a gas station.  Glowing skin, nicely dressed, driving an SUV and no kids in tow.  At that time, being crazy as a bat and horny as a rabbit, any of those things alone would have provided a good enough reason to have sex with this guy. According to a psychiatrist I once knew, promiscuity is not without clinical significance among people who have been diagnosed as Bipolar. Okay, so, whew! At least I’m not alone.

He looked young, anywhere between 23 and 26, I guess.  He was very clean cut: clean shaven, clean fingernails, hair freshly groomed with that gel that some guys like to slick it back with.  Frankly I was surprised to note that he was checking me out in the exact same way I was checking him out.  He had that look, you know; like he was on the prowl and he wasn’t trying to hide it.  He was hungry; ravenous.

The language of the eyes! So much more can be said with the eyes that with mere words.  He made his bold, unabashed statement.

I responded with a brazen, challenging look.

I took my time letting him see me assess all of him: what he might be made of, what he might be working with.

He made the formal suggestion with his eyes, just barely squinting to create this smoldering look that made me sizzle.  It was obviously a practiced move, calculated to bring about that very reaction in me. Hah! I wouldn’t let him know it was that easy.

3 thoughts on “The REAL Reason he liked Anal Sex (part 1)

    • Oh so happy! Thanks for bothering to comment. I’m glad it was worth going back to the beginning. Stop by often as I will be posting at least once a day every day without fail. And if my source keeps this up, we may have to begin posting twice on some days!

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