The REAL Reason he liked Anal Sex (part 2)

Anal Visitors Only

Anal Visitors Only (Photo credit: Alastair Thompson)

I responded with humored smirk and then a raised eyebrow that asked if he were certain of what he was about to get into.  His fixed, unwavering glare and barely noticeable tilt of the head to the right side and then quick chin-up summed up everything else that needed to be said: Oh, yes he was certain, and if either of us ended up surprised it would most likely be me. Hmph. I liked his challenge.

I never would have imagined, never could have foreseen how freaky this regrettable rendezvous would get.  And I guess that’s pretty much the way it goes when you meet someone while you’re both on the prowl and decide then and there to have a go at it.

So there, without a single word having been uttered, it was all a go.  All the preliminaries were settled before we ever went through the stupid formality of exchanging names.  At that point, words were useless anyway.  We were obviously going to do it. The only thing that remained was to fix a time and place.

Don’t go getting your panties all twisted and think I’m saying that it’s okay for everyone to be this way. I’m only telling you how it was. I owe a lot to my invincibility vest that I donned daily back then; if not for that, well who knows the number of things that could have happened to me, including death! So, if you don’t know where to procure one of these invisible items, I suggest that you do NOT imitate what you read here.


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