The REAL Reason he liked Anal Sex (Part 4)

Doggy Style

Doggy Style (Photo credit: Travis S.)

It turns out that he was totally into fingering me from the back while lasciviously watching all those fingers he was jamming in come right back out.  He wanted me crouched on elbows and knees, butt up in the air and hey, whatever, dude. Doing it doggie-style happens to be one of my favorite pastimes anyway, so I was sport for this neat preparation for what I imagined was about to take place.

There was just one catch: the whole time he was getting me all moistened up, he was playing around ever more insistently with my freaking asshole.  Yes, we’ve all had our butt-holes played with, but good grief!  Did he have the lamp on my nightstand angled to create a spotlight on my hole or was this a figment of my imagination?

Oh dear! I was so very afraid of the possible escape of a fart or a queef!  I mean he was back there for an inordinate amount of time and I was beginning to wonder when on earth we were going to get this party started.  I was far more than ready, juices dripping everywhere. But he was in no rush whatsoever.  The more drippings there were, the more he smeared up and down my crack; pushing, probing, playing like a kindergartener let loose with finger paint.

I would be lying if I said that I the radar didn’t go off in my head that I was dealing with a kid with a butt fetish. I’m pretty open-minded and I realize that we can all get fixated on one thing or another, so I let him have his fun. And no, I wasn’t at all surprised when he popped the question. No, not marriage; the question about whether I was willing to allow him to take me anally.

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