The REAL Reason he liked Anal Sex (part 5)


Penis (Photo credit: Trois Têtes (TT))

Listen. I’ve stopped imagining that other people are weird. I now realize that it’s me. Why? Because I am strangely wired to be overly-accommodating. I just want everybody to be happy. Sad, but true. And that’s the reason that although I was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of a real live penis entering my anus, I couldn’t help thinking about how happy he seemed to be. I mean, he was like a puppy that was about to pee on himself for joy. Who can refuse something like that?

He inserted a finger right up into my butt and doggonit, those muscles just grabbed his finger with a mind of their own. I was embarrassed for like a millisecond until I heard the deep contented groan that escaped him and in that very instant something like an orgasm nearly slipped right up on me! Man, this was some freaky stuff! He kept poking me there, making the muscles clinch and sounding like he himself was drawing ever closer to ejaculation, just from the mere sight right up in his face like that.

I couldn’t believe how ready I was for this wonderful new thing that was about to happen.  I heard the sticky snap of the latex he’d put on and I braced myself, preparing for what might be the worst pain I’d ever felt; but I was determined to be strong and brave. And then…NOTHING!

By “nothing” I mean to say that I felt the weight of his slender body, his pelvis right up against my backside, but that was all. My mind went just as blank as the empty space in my waiting rectum. WHERE WAS THIS GUY’S PENIS? I was shocked speechless. Nothing of this nature had ever happened to me before? Was I with a woman? Did he have a penis the size of a newborn infant boy? What could be the problem? Had he lost his erection just before entering me? How was that possible?

I moaned a little and wiggled my ass around to help him remember to keep stimulating me please. I heard grunts of frustration on his part and lots of weird movements and sounds that I could have sworn indicated someone attempting to make a knot at the base of a condom, perhaps to keep it on!

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