The REAL Reason he liked Anal Sex (Part 7)

Anal Sex Diptych

Anal Sex Diptych (Photo credit: iurikothe)

Miraculously—and I don’t use that word lightly—he got it in to an extent that at least seemed to satisfy him; I on the other hand felt nearly nothing. The problem was that after perhaps 2 or 3 thrusts, the condom slid right off and remained in my ass! This night was definitely over.

All that time he’d been playing around with my butt-hole he had me thinking mine was especially pink and enticing or something. I mean, the moans of pleasure he was emitting and the compliments and begging he was doing to convince me to let him take me that way had led me to believe that anal sex for him was like being on cloud nine. And I was under the very naïve impression that my ass was the most beautiful one he had ever seen or something.

Well, both curiosity and vanity go the best of me. So, once I got rid of him I got in the mirror to see what I could see and believe me, my butthole doesn’t look like anything for anyone to die over. I confirmed by this objective viewing of my butt that all his acting had been a cover-up; and that the real reason he liked anal sex is because he knew he had no chance of getting that mini-penis into any vaginas.

Moral: They don’t make miniature condoms. If your penis isn’t big enough for the regular sized ones, please refrain from attempts at penetrating anything besides your clinched fist. Thank you.

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