KISS, don’t Vacuum! (part 3)

Burmese Python (Python molurus bivittatus) wit...

Burmese Python (Python molurus bivittatus) with open mouth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The man attached his mouth over mine as if he was a Suckermouthed Catfish! (You know those things you put in your aquarium with the other fish in order to keep the tank clean!) And then he just inhaled and squeezed and squeezed. In less than 2 seconds I could no longer feel the lips on my face: they were as paralyzed as if I’d had a stroke and I felt my nose would be the next to go. I began fighting him off as visions of losing my eyeballs by having them sucked down my throat into his relentless mouth played in my head. Even when I had beat him back off of me, it took a moment for the feeling to come back into my face. Sort of like after the dentist has numbed you in order to pull a tooth.

True to his bullish nature, he was oblivious to me beating his chest and squealing. Either he thought this was behavior indicative of a woman in heat, or he just didn’t care. His hand was traveling up my thigh under my skirt, but I caught him right there. I clinched my legs shut just as tightly as he had clinched his entire mouth over mine! I was determined that he would give in before I did. I was right.

In the moment it took him to break away from his hold on my lips to ask me some lame question about my resistance I let him know that I’d lost interest in going further. Well, not just like THAT. You know how sensitive men can be. I said, Torrence, it’s getting really late and I have to work tomorrow.” He got the picture.


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