Oh, Come Now! (No, really; I mean NOW!!) -Part 2

Orgasm Inc - pix 10

Orgasm Inc – pix 10 (Photo credit: k-ideas)

Part of the problem with Tony was that when it came down to just regular sex, he seemed so guarded, so self-conscious that I could never really get the hang of him or decipher what it was that he deeply wanted and help him achieve it. This was terribly frustrating for me, mainly because I’ve always had the uncanny ability to perceive and adapt to exactly whatever a man wants in bed. But with him, I just couldn’t figure it out. (Later I thought it’s probably because he himself doesn’t know what he truly wants.)

I did every trick in the book I knew to relax and coax him and encourage him. EVERY trick. And I should know because I WROTE the book!  I whispered lovingly and moaned softly.  I told him how good it was, how good he was.  Later I changed to teasing, challenging, asking, begging for more, for harder, for another position. All to no avail.

I grabbed him any and every way I could. I kissed him, I bit him, I squeezed him, I threw my arms and legs around him.  Once I had exhausted the whole gamut of tricks and tried the whole array of roles from dominatrix to daddy’s little girl, I was at an utter loss and resorted to foul language to see if that would make him cum and please stop jabbing me with that stupid prick! I didn’t like to resort to this because he was a professed Christian. But you would be amazed at how many men forget about church titles and positions when it’s time to get freaky in the bedroom.


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