Oh, Come Now! (No, really; I mean NOW!!) -part 3

The Facts - Sex Education DVD for parents of 1...

The Facts – Sex Education DVD for parents of 15-17 year olds (Photo credit: crisispregnancyprogramme)

“Oh, yeah, yeah. Do it, Daddy, f*^& that P^$$%. Yeah, like that, like that!” You know, all the stupid lines the porn princesses yell out on the dirty movies. I felt trapped in the middle of my worst nightmare. After 30 minutes, I knew he was never going to ejaculate.

When nothing I did availed anything, I was afraid that this disaster was never going to end. I had faked so many climaxes and orgasms by now that even I was sick of the pretense.  I started begging him to Come, baby, come! Which to my utter shock only succeeded in totally frustrating him!! He yelled at me not to rush him. Rush? Is 42 minutes of sex rushing?? I mean literal in-and-out for 40 minutes!

He said he was trying to concentrate. CONCENTRATE?! Who the hell has to concentrate to cum?

No, no I don’t mean that at all. Forgive me. What I mean is, what man has to concentrate in order to ejaculate? I thought they had to concentrate in order to hold off and NOT ejaculate. For heaven’s sake, they can even ejaculate in their sleep; how difficult can it be when one is awake? Good grief, just look at the story of Lot in the Bible. According to that, a man can even be made to ejaculate when he is in a sleep caused by a drunken stupor. TWICE! (Read it for yourself if you don’t believe me.)

I must be so ignorant.  I swear I thought that ejaculation was nothing more than the not-only-predictable, but inevitable result of constantly building friction and tension.  How could I have ended up with the one man on the face of the whole earth who was the exception to this rule? I mean, IS there such a thing as an ejaculation disorder?  Are there men who can get hard and yet are unable to cum? I swear I’m almost afraid to google it. If I go to Wikipedia I just know they will describe the disorder and post Tony’s picture right there as the sole victim of this infirmity in the entire UNIVERSE.


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