Oh, Come Now! (No, really; I mean NOW!!) -part 5

Suggestive church

Suggestive church (Photo credit: kouk)

And in spite of everything, there was my body responding positively even while I swallowed back something like repulsion and hatred.  I swear there couldn’t have been more liquid if he had freaking peed inside me! Jeez, the pressure was like someone was vengefully squeezing a douche bag up me, super-hard for punishment or something.

I was electrified. I mean, REALLY, like his penis had become a rod conducting electricity and we were both being electrocuted. It was gross and insane. Who the hell comes like that?

It was something that I honestly never want to experience again…unless it could be filmed just to prove that I am sooo no lying and that it really did happen just like I’m saying. If you think I’m about to start criticizing the Church for its stance on pre-marital sex, think again. The only thing I’m saying though is that I wonder if the reason he couldn’t just let go and come was because it had been so freaking long since the last time he’d done it. I can’t help wondering too, if maybe a person like him would do well to masturbate on a regular basis and get used to ejaculating. Of course, the church he goes to teaches against that too…

By now, you will wonder why on earth I ever had sex with that same guy again. Well, it’s complicated. I mean he was a Christian, so I felt absolutely terrible about breaking things off with him just because he couldn’t orgasm in a timely way. I mean, what does that make me look like?

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