Oh, Come Now! (No, really; I mean NOW!!) Part 7

Premarital Sex Saved Me

Premarital Sex Saved Me (Photo credit: signalstation)

I couldn’t resist checking online about the ejaculation disorder. And there it was as plain as day, making me feel even stupider than usual to discover that 3 in 10 men suffer in some degree from this. Like, WHO KNEW??

So, I really did have to admit that I was glad to know that the problem was not me. Because honestly, I felt weird and full of questions. Before I understood what was going on, I used to joke around with him, telling him playfully that he was going to kill me with all that doing it so long. He always pretended that he wanted to hold off for 45 minutes. Yeah, okay.

Shallow or not, I really couldn’t take anymore sex with this guy and ended up calling off the marriage, principally for his dishonesty and inability to admit that there was a problem. I wish him well with whomever he ends up marrying and I can only hope that he won’t lie to her like he did to me.  But he probably will.

I used to feel rather frustrated about the possibility and likelihood of ending up til-death-do-us-part with a guy who would never be able to sexually satisfy me. I decided to stop being frustrated and go ahead and test the waters before jumping the broom with anyone. I was a little apprehensive about that decision, knowing that in spite of my really cool relationship with God and everything that my beliefs left me somewhat outside of mainstream practice of Christianity. But after the fiasco with Tony, my determination became based on outright conviction. Sex is a must with a potential marriage partner, period. Anything else is just too damned risky.


3 thoughts on “Oh, Come Now! (No, really; I mean NOW!!) Part 7

    • Teeny, I personally agree wholeheartedly with you. But our friend had not had not come to this realization yet at the time she was reporting all this to me. She might have had quite a number FEWER stories if only she had committed more to sex withOUT partners!

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