Come out of the Closet (AND the correct bathroom, please!) part 2

English: I photographed this picture from a pu...

English: I photographed this picture from a public restroom. It is a female symbol for the women’s restroom. I intend to use it on the toilet article to show the two commonly used male and female pictograms on public restrooms in the United States–Dark Tichondrias 08:02, 12 July 2006 (UTC) For variant version (more standard AIGA symbol), see Image:Toilet women.svg . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wish he hadn’t been so gorgeous, because then it wouldn’t have been so difficult to be disgusted with him and his fake look of surprise. But because of his amazing good looks I wanted to be noticed and I didn’t want him to see me as some overbearing anal-retentive stickler for rule-keeping. I mean, who made up the arbitrary rule anyway that men can’t use ladies’ restrooms and vice-versa. For all we know there may be scores of men who wish like crazy that women would frequent their urinals!

I managed a little giggle with my sexy little “oops.”

“Oh, sorry,” he said as we involuntarily collided, rushing in opposite directions.

I waited a millisecond for it to register in his head that it was totally NOT normal practice for a man and a woman to run into each other while the dude is coming out of the women’s bathroom. I flashed him a million-dollar grin, and batted my eyes to let him know that I was more than ready to accept that it must have been no less than fate that had brought us together this way. My smile was lost on him, and he seemed eager to go around me and get on about his business.

That’s when flashes of insight started crackling through my brain. I gave him a look that demanded an explanation. “Hey, did you notice anything?” I said sarcastically and pointing emphatically at the plain-as-day silhouette of a woman in a jumper-like dress on the door. And then I looked very pointedly at the silhouette on the opposite door behind us: a man in bifurcated clothing. I squinted my eyes at him, making them very beady indeed to see what on earth he was going to say.

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