The Boxer with 3 Fists (part 1)

Pictograms of Olympic sports - Boxing. This is...

Pictograms of Olympic sports – Boxing. This is unofficial sample picture. Images of official Olympic pictograms for 1948 Summer Olympics and all Summer Olympics since 1964 can be found in corresponding Official Reports. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I met this Boxer dude from Ecuador. Yes, he was really from Ecuador…or Colombia, which is really the same thing when you think about it. After you pass Mexico, everything just gets kind of fuzzy geographically speaking. I mean, when you’re trying to remember countries and their capitols. It’s not as though I went there or anything. I met the guy right here in the USA.

I don’t have to tell you that he was good-looking, because you already know me and that in spite of those one or two times I veered, I pretty much hold to a standard.  He was not that tall, but I learned to take that in stride as a reality that one has to commonly deal with among Hispanic men.  Don’t get me wrong, they are not all as short as the men I met when I lived in Guatemala for a while. I’m on the short side of average myself among North American people. So imagine my horror when I arrived in Central America only to discover that I was looking down at most of the men! I’m also on the chunky side of slender—okay, no. I’m not only fat, but I’m insanely voluptuous, which led a certain Guatemalan gentleman to ask ingenuously if back in the States I require my clothes to be specially made!

Since I can certainly buy my clothes at Walmart like any other southern American, and since I don’t have to get any sizes that end in an excessive number of X’s, I was taken aback. I congratulate myself for not asking him if he required the same! I swear those men had on clothes the same size that my 9-year-old son wore back then!

But I digress. The point is that Marco was not like that, since he was not from Guatemala; of that I’m certain.

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