The Boxer with 3 Fists (part 4)

Clenched human fist

Clenched human fist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you read this, you are probably not distracted by the amazing feelings of approaching climax via oral sex. So you have probably already guessed that it was not a brick after all, but that third fist that was trying to make its presence known.

I am a huge fan of intuition, especially after all the crappy things that I could have avoided if only I’d listened to my gut. I would encourage you to pay attention to messages, both subtle and not so subtle that your inner voice is trying to get to you. Don’t end up like me. Because I was so lost in my world of pleasure I didn’t give full attention to the third fist until it was sitting right in my face, punching me in the bottom lip and threatening to give me a black eye if I didn’t comply with his wishes. When Marco was sure I’d been utterly satisfied, he slid up my body until he was sitting astride my chest. I was pinned immobile beneath him, making his wish my command.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been threatened at gun-point or knife-point. Personally, I can thankfully report that I have not. But when it comes to being threatened by fist…well much to my own chagrin, I have to say that, not only have I lived through it; but it just so happens that it can be quite a surprising turn-on. Like, WHO KNEW?

Admittedly, it was not a TRUE fist, but a huge penis about the size and shape of one, which may make a key difference. Again, because of the altered state of conscious I was in—due to the approaching orgasm I was telling you about—I was in no way ready to confront the THING that nearly attacked me when this man assured himself that I had been thoroughly satisfied. Without so much as a warning, he slides right up into a sitting position: right on my chest! Honestly, that was the only warning I got.

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