The Boxer with 3 Fists (part 5)

Hands clenched in fists.

Hands clenched in fists. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My eyes flew open when something thumped my mouth so hard I thought I had a busted lip! But screaming was out of the question as I found my mouth as stuffed to capacity as if someone had shoved 16 rolled-up athletic socks in it. This was NOT something I had anticipated or bargained for.

My lips were stretched to capacity and my eyes were bulging out of my head as I tried to give him some type of warning that I might suffocate or something. I found that I could still make horrible grunts at the back of my throat, because although his thing was painfully fat and thick, it had no length to speak of. I am truly grateful for this fact, because if that had not been the case I may not even be alive today to tell you this story.

I would be being not-altogether-honest if I told you that I hated every minute of it. I won’t say that I liked it a lot…but it had a certain erotic appeal after the initial shock. And given my willingness to cooperate, I was somewhat surprised when he took his fist—I mean penis—out of my mouth and wanted to rough me up another way…

Up until now, he had not only been sitting on my chest, but had my arms pinned motionless, so I was his to do whatever with for as long as he pleased. But he gets bored rather quickly, so he wanted to rapidly change positions. (I don’t know if all boxers are abusive and have short attention spans because Marco was the only one I ever knew.) But anyway, he made it clear that in the bed, like in the ring, he was going to be the one in charge. Let me say right here that I have NO problems with that whatsoever. Like, go ahead, make my day. There are times when we all like the artsy fartsy stuff, but what real woman out there is going to pretend that she wants to waste a whole hour every night with foreplay and then all that half and half you-do-me-and-I-do-you crap?! I think I speak for all women when I say there comes a time when you want a man to just go for it. Take charge. Run the show.

Well, if you can relate to that, Marco is definitely the guy for you. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for that third fist, I think we could have made that into one of those long-term sexual relationships. Marco is the guy to call if you don’t want to think, talk, or even participate that much. But you better be in tip-top physical condition and able to take quite a battering. And I’m not just talking about a busted lip or a black eye.

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