The Boxer with 3 Fists (part 6)


fist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marco was strong, so it was nothing for him to flip me over like an extra fluffy flap-jack.  And boy was I in 7th Heaven now. I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded that in my humble opinion there is no sex-position that can compare to having a guy come in the back door. I know you’re wondering wasn’t I just a wee bit apprehensive, given the peculiar size and shape of this former-boxer’s penile equipment.

The answer is yes. Yes, I was terrified in a rather giddy and unjustifiable way about what it would feel like to have a fist boxing me from behind. And I beg you, please don’t fall for this the way I did, thinking that just because you have given birth to children, perhaps even a 9-pound son, that you are ready for this kind of torture. You’re soooo not ready.

To make matters worse, he tricked me. I thought because of the way he had positioned me that he wanted to do it doggie-style, but NO. Just as I was about to orgasm in spite of myself and the excruciating pain, this butt-hole catches me by surprise and jams the fist right up my anus, something no one has ever done before!

My mind nearly blacked out from the terrifying white light and hot pain that felt as though a bolt of lightning had just stricken me. My eyes were stretched as far open as my mouth which attempted to scream, but no sound would come out, just like no tears would come out. I was as paralyzed as if I’d be shot with a rifle but my brain kept signaling “GET OUT!”

Silly me, I had not counted on him being so ridiculously strong. Escape was never a real option. But that didn’t stop me from trying to wriggle myself away from him. I guess it was just reflexive, primal survival skills kicking in.

I was hot and cold, sweating and freezing at the same moment. I was angry and weirdly half-turned on; crawling and struggling to get away from this maniac and yet sensing (and desiring?) his imminent release. No matter how I squirmed, I couldn’t get that thing out of me. He was fast and agile and persistent.


Finally, my only option left was to gather my strength and raise myself up to a kneeling position instead of remaining on hands and knees. I guess I thought I could perhaps throw him off of my back that way. Which goes to show you how stupid I can be sometimes. I used up what little strength I had to raise up suddenly, but evidently the way that caused my butt cheeks to clinch around him must have been exactly what he needed to send him right over the edge of reason

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