Butt-Ugly (or “Why Internet Dating is NOT for me”) part 1

this is the perfect description for an online ...

this is the perfect description for an online dating service. don’t put a picture; see what sorts of interesting people you meet. i may do this; the sweet part doesn’t *quite* fit, but the different part does. (Photo credit: kthread)

If you have read anything I have written so far, you are already well aware that I have this terrible complex; one that makes me believe I deserve every sexual mishap and blooper that befalls me. I suppose it comes from the secret belief that maybe I have not only had my cake and eaten it; but that I’ve had several other people’s slices as well. This means that I am frequently kicking myself in the butt and saying, “well Miss Lady, that’s exactly what you get.” I do this to myself even when I am certain that I have done nothing wrong.

Well, that’s how it was when I decided to dive headlong into internet dating. E-dating sites are something that have been up and running  for years now, and in spite of the skeptics I happen to know several people who actually ended up married after discovering their partners online! Whether they are indeed happily married is not for me to say; but the point is that they made serious connections and one of my friends has been married to her internet-find for like 8 years now.

(Oh, and while I’m ranting let me add that the so-called Christian internet dating sites are filled with people who are no more “Christian” than the people who fill up church pews on Sundays.)

With that said, just because someone else got lucky does not mean that I needed to assume that it would happen for me. With my tendency to attract sexual drama and shady personages I should have assumed the complete opposite! Like an idiot, I eagerly signed up at one site after another with the optimistic attitude, “how bad can it be?” Well, that’s all the foreshadowing you’re going to get, because I’m telling you up front it can get plenty bad. And it did.

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