Why I DESERVED the Next Online Dating Nightmare (part 3)

obtaining profile pics for online dating sites

obtaining profile pics for online dating sites (Photo credit: torbakhopper)

Here’s a twist you probably were not expecting: He didn’t seem any happier with me than I was with him! Like, WTF?

This has never—I repeat, NEVER—happened to me before. I was stunned speechless.

We gave each other the most perfunctory sort of little embrace I’ve ever participated in and then maintained a safe enough distance from each other during our entrance into the building to assure anyone looking that we were NOTHING but friends.

I ordered a salad, something I could pick through quickly due to my loss of appetite, both literal and sexual. I don’t remember what he got. Conversation was dull and rushed and I remember trying my best NOT to be seen by anyone I knew. It wasn’t that he was a hideous monster or anything. It’s just that he looked so NOT like the sexy photo he’d taken…or maybe he DID look like that dark, blurry photo.

I could hardly concentrate on my own dissatisfaction with him, though because his unhappiness with me was almost palpable. How could this happen?

I certainly had not lied about my height or weight. Unless you count checking the box for “average” instead of “short.” And unless you count putting “could stand to lose a few” instead of “fat.” I personally don’t think that’s such a big deal when you consider my truly sparkling personality, my wit, and the true beauty of my soul, right? Besides, no other man had ever seemed so downright peeved with me. What was this guy’s problem?

Needless to say we were both eager for ANY reason to cut the evening short and he could hardly mention the fact that he had to work the next day before I was already standing up to leave. I drove home in a frustrated rage with myself on two counts. Number one for being so freaking gullible as to imagine that you can really assess how a person looks from just one dark photo. And number two, for actually wanting this guy to STOP disliking me.

Don’t get me wrong. I NEVER wanted to see him again, period. I just hated the feeling of sitting at a dinner and not being appreciated and wanted! In spite of myself I’d tried to be winsome and charming. All to no avail. What kind of beast was he? None of my “stroke-the-male-ego” tricks worked either. There was just absolutely no chemistry between us and no hope. And no desire for any hope.

So again, one can never post too many photos in their profile pic when indulging in online dating. Not only do I wish I’d demanded that he post more; to my own chagrin I admit that I wish I’d posted more too. Maybe we would never have bothered to meet at all!


4 thoughts on “Why I DESERVED the Next Online Dating Nightmare (part 3)

  1. I’ve had some pretty awful online dating experiences. I used to work for an online dating website so I even had an edge and it still went horribly wrong time after time…

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