Banana Split (or “Why I ran away Lickety Split”) part 2

Banana split 2

Banana split 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Archangel wanted us to get together immediately and just to show you how insane I can be at times, I confess that I would have done it despite the fact that he came right out and told me that he had only been out of jail 5 days and wanted me to be the first person he did it with since his release after more than a year inside. Why would I have done such a thing? Only the heavens know how on earth this young man managed to so intrigue me that I may as well have been hypnotized.

The thing that managed to keep distance between us for those first few hours was only the fact he lived in another city with his mom and didn’t have a car or valid license. I just couldn’t see myself running out of the house to go pick him up when I didn’t even know his REAL name. I do have my standards after all. I do have to at least know a first name. Or a last name. Or an authentic alias.

I mean, there was only ONE occasion–that I can remember–where I didn’t know the name of the person I was having sex with. And even that wasn’t really my fault when you think about it. It wasn’t that I didn’t ask; it was simply that the music was so loud that I couldn’t really fully distinguish the meaning of the syllables that he put together. That was a big hindrance. Well, that and the fact that whatever he said was not an English name. Anyways, that’s  another story.

Back to Archangel: the guy had so successfully turned me on just by the

sound of his hypnotic voice and the creepy, nasty, beautiful things he proposed doing to me that I guess there was really no way I was ever going to be able to resist a get-together. I’m betting that spending a year locked up in prison gives one a lot of free time to think about creative sex. Honestly Archangel rivaled the one other guy who has ever been able to bring me to near-orgasm just by unbuttoning my shirt with his teeth and lips while describing every aperture and crevice in my body that he planned to screw…and even between my toes! I’ll have to tell you about him one day…

Still this Puerto Rican guy was the freakiest because he always had food stuck in the middle of his sex fantasies. Food and spirituality. I bet being in jail gives one powerful food cravings as well as sexual ones. Oh, and the spiritual stuff was probably based on the fact that he was studying for his Master’s Degree in Divinity. Or Theology. Or something along that line.

I’m not sure who was more twisted, Archangel…or ME for agreeing to meet up with him.


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