GOSSIP Section (What my Friend told me they told Her)

I'm lying

I’m lying (Photo credit: Taylor Dawn Fortune)

If you have read the ABOUT page and the INTRODUCTION (as I sincerely hope you have) then you know that these blog posts are not about ME, brazencam, but about the woman who shared her story with me, hoping that it will one day become a book.  Well, first of all I can assure you that it is indeed well on the way to becoming a genuine book. And secondly, I need to tell you that all the stories are not actually her own. Let me explain.

As she was narrating to me, she began to digress and tell me things that had happened to friends and family members of hers. At first I would attempt to get her back on track, but then I thought WOW, people would probably enjoy these ramblings just as much as her own personal tales. Still, let me offer a disclaimer here: I trust my friend IMPLICITLY. If she says something happened to her, I can vouch that it’s 100% true. As for the HOW it happened…well, every now and then she speaks hyperbole, but I forgive her for that. What I want to say is that this gossip stuff is what I cannot vouch for or take any responsibility for.

I am not an official investigator of any sort, so I did not demand that she cite all her gossip sources. I never went behind her and tried to interview the people she said told her such things. I just took her word. I mean, literally. As she spoke, I transcribed. And the result is what you read daily if you subscribe to this blog. When I write what she says, frankly I CRACK UP. Even while knowing that a few of the things she has been telling me recently are pure gossip, I have a feeling you will too.

Happy reading. Your feedback is always welcome!



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