He Couldn’t Contain his Excitement (part 2)

premature ejaculation man

premature ejaculation man (Photo credit: bioxid)

(And when I think about it, looking in the mirror that day even made ME hot! I was like dang when the heck did I get so freaking luscious and irresistible? How did this happen?!)

So, just as he should have done, he made no comment whatsoever about the fact that my half-naked breasts—rising and falling with every breath, jiggling with any hint of movement or laughter—were just begging to be caressed. We both knew that he would never be able to get out of my house without doing that.  Even a gay priest would have done it in spite of himself. Shoot, I would have done it, and I’m not even a lesbian (I don’t think.)

Well then, if you are looking for some sort of admission of guilt, there you have it. If I were going to feel badly it would be for how perfectly I laid the bed-trap for him to fall into. However, the reason I don’t feel badly is because I didn’t do it with him. I couldn’t. I was on my period. And for me, that is a definite no-no. Honestly I think I only ever did it twice while menstruating; once was sort of against my will, and the other was somewhat without my prior knowledge. (I’ll explain that at another time.)

Haven came all over himself and I didn’t even touch him!!

Well…no. I mean I didn’t touch him there. Well, okay, yes I did: at his insistence.

But I didn’t freaking jerk him off or anything.  He was actually one hundred percent dressed, pants totally zipped up and all.  And that’s the truth, even if no one believes me.

The way it happened was this. He had been there for only a little while before he said he really had to leave. I put on my very best wide-eyed pouty look, cuter than any puppy you’ve ever seen. I looked so sad that he just melted and said, “awww, well, give me a hug. And he pulled me to him, squeezing me tightly. Then there was that unmistakable moment of utter silence when two people are lost in their own thought about the implications of what is about to happen.